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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

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  • Naismith, John, Sr. (1) - Tanner in Hamilton, and Deacon of the Independent Church there.
  • Napier, James, 1820-1884 (1) - Scholar. Fellow student of Livingstone and James Young in Glasgow. Wrote widely on scientific and antiquarian matters.
  • Napier, Robert, 1791-1876 (1) - Distinguished marine engineer and shipbuilder in Glasgow. From 1853 in partnership with his sons James R. Napier and John Napier.
  • Need, Arthur, 1819-1888 (1) - Army officer. Knighted in 1881.
  • Noel, Mrs. (1)
  • Nunes, Galdino J. (1) - Military Commandant of Quilimane. Occasionally handled Livingstone's financial transactions. Uncle of Jose M. Nunes.
  • Nunes, Jose M. (35) - Appointed British Vice-Consul by Livingstone. Handled many of the Zambezi Expedition's financial dealings, especially those between Livingstone and the Portuguese in Quilimane and Mozambique.