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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

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  • Tavares de Almeida, Antonio (4) - Named Governor of Tete and Sena in 1859. Held this office until after the Zambezi Expedition was recalled.
  • Tavares de Almeida, Joao (1) - Governor General of Mozambique 1856-64. Seizure of the "Charles et Georges" produced a temporary strain in Luso-French and Luso-British relations.
  • Taylor, Wilbraham, 1816-1895 (5) - Proprietor of Hadley Hurst, Barnet. Neighbor of Livingstone in 1857. Served for a time as secretary of the Church Protestant Defence Society.
  • The Times, Editor of (11)
  • Thom/Thorn, John (1)
  • Thompson, William, 1811-1889 (27) - Missionary in South India 1836-48. Agent of the London Missionary Society in Cape Town 1850-88.
  • Thornton, George (6) - Brother of Richard Thornton, who assumed control of Richard's papers, effects, and financial affairs following his death.
  • Thornton, Richard, 1838-1863 (13) - Geologist to the Zambezi Expedition. Dismissed by Livingstone for laziness. Joined Klaus van der Decken in exploring and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1861-62. Eventually returned to the Zambezi and worked in conjunction with Livingstone's expedition.
  • Tidman, Arthur, 1792-1868 (50) - Congregational minister at Salisbury 1814-18. Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society 1839-68, and Livingstone's principle correspondent in the Society.
  • Torresao, Jose (1)
  • Toynbee, Henry (5) - Meteorologist. After 33 years of experience at sea, worked for the Meteorological Office, and published various works on meteorology.
  • Tozer, William G., 1829/30-1899 (3) - Bishop of Universities' Mission to Central Africa 1862-63, Zanzibar 1863-73, Jamaica 1879-80, and Honduras 1880-81. Livingstone never forgave him for moving the Universities' Mission to Central Africa from the Shire highlands and Morambala to Zanzibar in 1862-63.
  • Trotter, Henry D., 1802-1859 (1) - Captain, R.N., 1835. In command of Niger Expedition in 1841. Commander at the Cape of Good Hope 1856-57. Rear Admiral 1857.
  • Turner, James A., 1797-1869 (8) - Cotton manufacturer in Manchester. Had great interest in the Zambezi Expedition. Represented Manchester in Parliament 1857-65.
  • Turner, Mrs. J.A. (1) - Wife of James A. Turner.
  • Tweedie, William K., 1803-1863 (1) - Convenor of Foreign Missions Committee, Free Church of Scotland.