Missionary Travels Outreach Worksheets

Livingstone’s Missionary Travels Manuscript (1857)

Cite (MLA): "Missionary Travels Outreach Worksheets." In Livingstone's Missionary Travels Manuscript. Justin D. Livingstone and Adrian S. Wisnicki, dirs. Livingstone Online. Adrian S. Wisnicki and Megan Ward, dirs. 2019. Web. http://livingstoneonline.org/uuid/node/ecb698d2-d210-4408-820b-cc53aa451592.

This page introduces the three educational worksheets for children aged 9-13 created to accompany the edition of Livingstone’s Missionary Travels Manuscript. The page also allows user to download the worksheets or to view them online.

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Three educational worksheets for children aged 9-13 were created as outreach materials during the production of the critical edition of Livingstone's Missionary Travels Manuscript.

These materials follow the general practices established in Livingstone Online’s Outreach Program (2013-15). Each of the worksheets uses a single passage from Missionary Travels to encourage students to reflect on an aspect of Livingstone’s life and/or world. All worksheets also enable students to practice skills in deep reading and textual analysis on a Victorian bestseller.

The links below provide access to the worksheets in PDF form, allowing teachers and others to view these worksheets online or to save them to their own computers for classroom study and other activities. Each worksheet is available in two levels of difficulty in order to cater for the junior and senior ends of the age range.

The worksheets are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported licence in order to promote the broadest possible, non-commercial use.

The three worksheets were developed by Livingstone Online project scholar, Kate Simpson, during her tenure as MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Research Associate at Queen’s University Belfast. They are aligned with the Scottish Government’s “Curriculum for Excellence” and the “Areas of Learning” framework of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.


Outreach Program Worksheets    Top

Click to download all three worksheets in a ZIP file that takes one of three forms: 1) lower-level difficulty (3.1 MB), 2) upper-level difficulty (2.5 MB), 3) both levels of difficulty (5.6 MB). If a teacher's computer does not automatically extract ZIP files on double-click, easy-to-install extraction programs like IZArc, 7-ZIP, PeaZip, and others can be downloaded for free from the internet.

1) Missionary Travels: Animals (view lower-level or upper-level worksheet) – The selected passage describes the habitat of the hippo, one of the animals that Livingstone encountered on his journeys. Facilitates student discussion of animal habitats and conservation in Africa and Britain.

2) Missionary Travels: Sites and Sights (view lower-level or upper-level worksheet) – The selected passage records Livingstone’s impressions of the “Fort of Pungo Andongo” when travelling in northern Angola. Enables students to examine different natural environments and the long-term use of fossil fuels.

3) Missionary Travels: Musical Instruments (view lower-level or upper-level worksheet) – The selected passage contains Livingstone’s description of musical instruments played by the southern Lunda people of central Africa. Encourages students to broaden their understanding of different cultures, peoples, and places.

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