In His Own Words: Overview

Wild sage in Limpopo Province, South Africa, 2013. Copyright Angela Aliff. CC BY-NC 3.0

Cite page (MLA): "In His Own Words: Overview." Livingstone Online. Adrian S. Wisnicki and Megan Ward, dirs. University of Maryland Libraries, 2018. Web.

The "In His Own Words" section of Livingstone Online provides direct access (including download access) to high-resolution images and detailed transcriptions of Livingstone's original manuscripts. The section draws on our rich Livingstone database to give users multiple options for browsing and searching these manuscripts. The section also includes a handful of major editions of Livingstone manuscripts. The guide below describes each of the pages in this part of the site.

Section Guide

Livingstone’s Missionary Travels Manuscript (1857) - critical edition of the surviving manuscript of the major work that followed Livingstone’s famous transcontinental African expedition (1852-56); includes over 1,100 edited and encoded manuscript pages, the text of the published book (almost 700 pages), and an array of supporting archival documents as well as critical and contextual essays.

Livingstone's Final Manuscripts (1865-1873) - critical edition of the diaries, journals, notebooks, and maps that Livingstone composed during his final expedition to Africa; comprises over 2,700 images of original manuscript pages from Livingstone’s last expedition to Africa, with over 2,200 of those pages encoded, edited, and framed with modern critical essays.

Livingstone’s Manuscripts in South Africa (1843-1872) - critical edition of the Livingstone manuscripts held by a series of repositories in South Africa; includes sixty-six original items, four "bonus" commemorative items, plus an array of supporting critical materials.

The Livingstone Online Digital Collection - describes the scope of the Livingstone Online digital collection and enumerates the various methods available for encountering this collection.

Browse by Digital Catalogue Record - allows users to browse and sort our full digital database of nearly 3000 Livingstone and Livingstone-related items. In many cases, users can also view images and transcriptions online or download archival packets of individual items.

Browse by Repository - allows users to browse our digital collection by the libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions where the given items reside.

Browse by Timeline - allows users to browse our digital collection by the date on which the given items were created.

Browse by Location (slow load time) - allows users to browse our digital collection by the locations in which items were created or, as relevant, published.

Browse by Addressee - allows users to browse our digital collection by the individuals to whom the given items are addressed.

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