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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

This page allows users to browse our digital collection by the individuals to whom the given items are addressed. Note: this section to does not provide access to all the items in our digital collection as some items (e.g., maps, diaries, etc.) do not have an addressee.

  • Eardley, Culling E., 1805-1863 (1) - Religious liberal and philanthropist. Served as M.P. for Pontefract 1830-31. Was longtime Treasurer of the London Missionary Society.
  • Eastlake, Lady Elizabeth, 1809-1893 (2) - Author and critic. With her husband, Charles Eastlake, center of the "Eastlake Circle" of artists and writers.
  • Ebury, Lord, 1801-1893 (1) - Robert Grosvenor. Created Baron Ebury 1857. Religious reformer within the Church of England. Presided over the revision of the Book of Common Prayer in 1874.
  • Eisdell, Rebecca (1) - Educator. With younger sister Roseanne, ran a select establishment for young ladies at The Cedars in Church Street, Epsom. Was headmistress and taught general literature. Best known pupils were Livingstone's children.
  • Elliot, Gilbert Wray, 1833-1910 (1) - Civil servant. Served as Deputy Commissioner of Customs.
  • Ellis, William, 1794-1872 (1) - Missionary and member of the London Missionary Society. Worked in what would become French Polynesia, the Hawaiian Islands, and Madagascar. Married the writer Sarah Stickney and himself became known as a keen scientific and ethnographic observer through his publications.
  • Elwin, Whitwell, 1816-1900 (2) - Prose writer. Rector of Booton 1849-1900. Edited the Quarterly Review 1853-60. Also edited various poetical works.
  • Everybody in the House [Family] (1)