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AccessTitleDate(s) Creator(s)
(42.2 MB)Letter to John Arundel[January-July 1838]Arundel, John, 1778-1848;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
(1.9 MB)Purse Given to Livingstone by His Mother[Before 1840]Unknown creator
(7.3 MB)Letter to David Livingstone5 January 1857Murray, John III, 1808-1892
(10.8 MB)Letter to David Livingstone19 January 1857Annan, Thomas, 1829/1830-1887;
Murray, John III, 1808-1892
  Invitation to David Livingstone and Letter to Mary Livingstone[29 August 1857]Livingstone, David, 1813-1873;
Whately, Richard 1787-1863
(1.3 MB)Letter to David Livingstone and Letter to John Washington19 December 1857G. Rennie & Sons, Engineers;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
(8.6 MB)Note to David Livingstone, and Response to John Murray III9 February 1858, [February 1858]Drysdale, T.M.;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
  Note on a Presentation Copy of Roderick I. Murchison, Address at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Geographical Society (1852)19 February 1858Livingstone, David, 1813-1873;
Murchison, Roderick I., 1792-1871
  Receipt from George Grey28 September 1858Grey, George, 1812-1898;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
  Receipt from David Davies, Witnessed by John Kirk21 March 1862Davies, David;
Kirk, John 2, 1832-1922;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
  Letter to Horace Waller Written on Letter to David Livingtstone18, 21 July 1865Brooke, James;
Livingstone, David, 1813-1873
 Letter to David Livingstone16 November 1868MacGregor, John, 1825-1892
(0.9 MB)Letter to David Livingstone25 October 1869Waller, Horace, 1833-1896
(0.9 MB)Letter to David Livingstone24 November 1869Waller, Horace, 1833-1896
(0.9 MB)Envelope to David Livingstone[24 November 1869]Waller, Horace, 1833-1896
  Letter to David Livingstone7 June 1870Smith, [?]
(3.9 MB)Letter to David LivingstoneDate Unknown (No Later than 1873)Vardon, Frank, ?-1860
  Letters to David Livingstone, One Sent via Zanzibar, One Sent via the CongoDates Unknown (No Later than 1873)Young, James, 1811-1883