Livingstone’s Missionary Travels Manuscript (1857)

Cite (MLA): Livingstone, Justin D. "Acknowledgments." Adrian S. Wisnicki, ed. In Livingstone's Missionary Travels Manuscript. Justin D. Livingstone and Adrian S. Wisnicki, dirs. Livingstone Online. Adrian S. Wisnicki and Megan Ward, dirs. 2019. Web.

This page cites the individuals and institutions that have made a special contribution to supporting our work in developing the critical edition of Livingstone's Missionary Travels manuscript (1857).

This edition would not have been possible without the generous support of our funders. The project directors gratefully acknowledge grants from: the National Trust for Scotland’s “David Livingstone 200” initiative (2013), the Marc Fitch Fund (2014), the Strathmartine Trust (2016), and the Modern Humanities Research Association (2016). A generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (USA) enabled LEAP (the Livingstone Online Enrichment and Access Project, 2013-17), which laid the groundwork for publication of the present edition.

David Livingstone 200 Marc Fitch Fund Strathmartine Trust Modern Humanities Research Association

National Endowment for the Humanities.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the National Library of Scotland and its staff for providing digital images of over 1,100 pages of Livingstone’s Missionary Travels, and the Brenthurst Library and the David Livingstone Centre for facilitating the digitization and use of their materials.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge our home institutions, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Both provided important administrative support and collegial environments. Thanks as well to the University of Glasgow where the early work on this project was undertaken.

This edition has been supported by the many friends and colleagues listed below, but a few deserve special mention. The Murray family showed considerable interest in this project, for which we are very grateful. The curators at the National Library of Scotland, David McClay (now at the University of Edinburgh) and Alison Metcalfe, have been long-standing supporters of this edition and have shared their extensive knowledge of the library’s archival collections. We also want to thank Nigel Banks for his development of Livingstone Online, which helped to make this project possible, and the lead members of the scholarship support team, Kate Simpson and Stephen Hall, for their outstanding work and commitment.

Finally, Justin Livingstone would like to express his gratitude to his family. Frances and David Livingstone and Emma and Paul Lutton have shown their interest and support in countless ways. Justin’s wife, Lizzie Livingstone, has helped to sharpen ideas through many long discussions and has been a continual source of encouragement. His work on this edition is dedicated to her.

Heather Ball (St. John’s University)

Mary Borgo (University of Indiana)

Isabel Bruce (David Livingstone Trust)

Mark Burnett (Queen’s University Belfast)

Pete Capuano (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Christopher Catling (Marc Fitch Fund)

James Cummings (Newcastle University)

Lawrence Dritsas (University of Edinburgh)

Felix Driver (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Nat Edwards (National Trust for Scotland)

Christine Ferguson (University of Stirling)

Crawford Gribben (Queen’s University Belfast)

Anne Holloway (Queen’s University Belfast)

Stephen Kelly (Queen’s University Belfast)

Jennifer Kimble (Brenthurst Library)

Nigel Leask (University of Glasgow)

John M. MacKenzie (University of Lancaster)

Liz Maxwell

LeAnn Messing (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Jared McDonald (University of the Free State)

Alex McDougall (Strathmartine Trust)

Sally Macroberts (Brenthurst Library)

Alex Murray (Queen’s University Belfast)

Brian Murray (King’s College London)

Chloe Paver (University of Exeter)

Clare Pettitt (King’s College London)

Andrew Radford (University of Glasgow)

Daniel Roberts (Queen’s University Belfast)

Jeremy Smith (University of Glasgow)

Caroline Sumpter (Queen’s University Belfast)

John Thompson (Queen’s University Belfast)

Joe Webster (Queen's University Belfast)

Chris Worden

Sarah Worden (National Museums Scotland)

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