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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

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This page allows users to browse our digital collection by the individuals to whom the given items are addressed. Note: this section to does not provide access to all the items in our digital collection as some items (e.g., maps, diaries, etc.) do not have an addressee.

  • Danson, L.A. (1)
  • Darling, Charles H., 1809-1870 (1) - Colonial administrator, who served as Lieutenant Governor of Cape Colony 1851-54. In charge during the absences of Sir George Cathcart.
  • Darlington, John (1) - Resident of Bradford, Yorkshire.
  • Darragh, John (1)
  • Daubeny, Charles G.B., 1795-1867 (3) - Professor of Botany at Oxford since 1834. Also Professor of Chemistry until 1855. In 1856, President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Denman, George, 1819-1896 (1) - Barrister, judge, and politician. Son of 1st Baron Denmen. M.P. for Tiverton 1859-65 and 1866-72. Judge of the High Court of Justice 1881-92.
  • Denman, Joseph, 1810-1875 (2) - Naval captain. Son of 1st Baron Denmen. Captain, R.N. Commander of the Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert" 1854-62.
  • Denny, Henry, 1803-1871 (2) - Entomologist and curator of the museum of the Leeds Literary and Philosophical Society.
  • Dick, Mrs. (1) - Wife of Thomas Dick.
  • Dick, Thomas, 1774-1857 (2) - Writer on religious and scientific topics.
  • Dickson, Henry, 1818-1840 (1) - Missionary. Native of Edinburgh. Was a fellow student of Livingstone at Ongar. Appointed to Samoa, but died at Sydney en route in February 1840.
  • Director, Ragged School for Boys, Stockport (1)
  • Douglas, John, 1813-1893 (1) - Snuff box painter, portrait painter, and later photographer active in Old Cumnock, East Ayrshire (1837), Belfast (1845/46), Glasgow (1854 onward), and Helensburgh, Scotland. Operated artistic photography business as John Douglas & Son(s).
  • Drew, Andrew, 1792-1878 (3) - Captain, R.N. (1843). Agent Victualler at the Cape of Good Hope, 1850-63. Promoted to Admiral, 1875.
  • Drummond, George, 1808-1893 (4) - Missionary. Native of Cummock. Studied at Glasgow and Ongar. Was appointed to Samoa in 1839, remaining there till 1872.
  • Drummond, Henry (4) - Lace manufacturer in Hamilton, where he knew the Livingstone family.
  • Duprat, Alfredo, 1816-1881 (5) - Portuguese Consul and representative on the anti-slavery commission at Cape Town. Subsequently Consul-General in London. Created viscount 1870.
  • Dyke, Hamilton M., 1817-1880 (4) - Missionary. The son of a London jeweller who emigrated to South Africa in 1822. Joined the French mission in Basutoland in 1840.