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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

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This page allows users to browse our digital collection by the individuals to whom the given items are addressed. Note: this section to does not provide access to all the items in our digital collection as some items (e.g., maps, diaries, etc.) do not have an addressee.

  • Fairbrother, William, 1817-1882 (2) - Missionary. Fellow student of Livingstone's at Ongar. Posted to Shanghai 1844-46. Later Pastor of London Road Church, Derby, and an official of the London Missionary Society.
  • Ferguson, Fergus (1) - Deacon of the Independent Church in Hamilton attended by Livingstone.
  • Ferguson, Mrs. Robert (1)
  • Festing, John W., 1837-1902 (1) - Anglican clergyman who ended his career as Bishop of St. Albans 1890-1902. Was closely concerned with the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, as its Assistant Secretary 1863-82, Treasurer 1882-90, and President 1892-1902.
  • Figaniere e Morao, Jorge C. de, 1813-1887 (1) - Official in the Portuguese Ministry for Foreign Affairs from 1844, and director of that department from 1881.
  • Fitch, Frederick (20) - In 1857 Livingstone spent time at the home of Fitch and his family in Highbury, north London.
  • Fitch, Mrs. Frederick (3) - Wife of Frederick Fitch.
  • Fitzgerald, William R.S.V., 1818-1885 (1) - Barrister and Conservative politician. Served as Governor of Bombay 1867-72.
  • Fleetwood, Henry (1) - Bootmaker in Epsom, Surrey.
  • Fletcher, T. Sam (1)
  • Foreign Office (1)
  • Foster, Peter Le Neve, 1809-1879 (4) - Regular contributor to many scientific and technological journals. Spent 13 years as Secretary to the Mechanical Science section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Secretary of the Royal Society of Arts 1853-79.
  • Franklin, Lady, 1792-1875 (1) - Jane Franklin, wife of Sir John Franklin and traveller in her own right.
  • Fredoux, Ann, 1823-1893 (1) - Sister of Mary Livingstone, née Moffat. Married Jean Fredoux in 1850. Had seven children.
  • Fredoux, Jean, 1823-1866 (3) - French missionary at Motito 1845-66. Married Ann Moffat, Mary Livingstone's younger sister, in 1850.
  • Freeman, Joseph J., 1794-1851 (7) - Missionary in Madagascar 1827-36. Joint Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society 1841-46 and Home Secretary 1846-51.
  • Frere, George, 1810-1878 (6) - Clerk in the Slave Trade Department of the Foreign Office from 1826. Commissioner to the Portuguese-British Commission for the Suppression of the Slave Trade, Cape Town, 1842-62. Judge, United States-British Commission for the Suppression of the Slave Trade, Cape Town, 1862-67.
  • Frere, H. Bartle E., 1815-1884 (12) - Colonial administrator. Entered the Bombay Civil Service in 1834. First met Livingstone in 1864. Went to Zanzibar in 1872 to negotiate the suppression of the slave trade. Livingstone planned to give his name to one of the "Fountains" of the Nile. Governor of Bombay 1862-67. President of Royal Geographical Society 1873-74.
  • Friends in Scotland (3)
  • Frost, Mr. (1) - Servant at Newstead Abbey.