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Photograph of David Livingstone and Anna M. Livingstone, c.1857-1866. Copyright Wellcome Library, London. CC BY 4.0

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This page allows users to browse our digital collection by the individuals to whom the given items are addressed. Note: this section to does not provide access to all the items in our digital collection as some items (e.g., maps, diaries, etc.) do not have an addressee.

  • H.M. Ship, Mozambique Channel, Captain of (1)
  • Haidinger, W.K.R. von, 1795-1871 (2) - Geologist. President of the Vienna Geographical Society.
  • Haldane, Alexander, 1800-1882 (1) - Newspaper proprietor and barrister. Held a prominent role on the more extreme wing of Anglican evangelicalism. Chief proprietor of The Record evangelical newspaper. Close friend and adviser of Lord Shaftesbury.
  • Haldane, Emma, 1800-1867 (1) - Wife of Alexander Haldane.
  • Hamilton, James, 1814-1867 (4) - Minister of Regent Square Presbyterian Church, London 1841-67. Editor of Evangelical Christendom 1864-67. Livingstone attended his church and stayed at his house in 1865, and contributed a paper to his periodical.
  • Hamilton, Mrs. (1)
  • Hammond, Edmund, 1802-1890 (8) - Served in the Foreign Office 1824-73. Became Permanent Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs 1854-72 after serving as Chief of the Oriental Department.
  • Hanbury, C.S. (1) - Brewer of Spitalfield, London.
  • Hannan, James (5) - Civic officer. Associated with Henry Monteith & Co, turkey red dyers, Glasgow. Bailie of Glasgow. Was one of Livingstone's three trustees.
  • Hardisty, Charles (1) - Engineer of the "Pioneer" from its departure from England in September 1860 until he was dismissed by Livingstone for neglecting his charge in July 1862. Was recommended for the "Pioneer" by John Penn & Sons and was probably in their employ in 1860.
  • Hare, Alexander (2) - Proprietor of a boys' school in London.
  • Hay, Charles M., 1802-1864 (2) - Military figure. Commissioned in the Coldstream Guards in 1821. Became Lieut.-Colonel 1832, Colonel 1846, and Major-General 1854. As Commander of the garrison in Mauritius 1855-57, was host to Livingstone during the latter's only visit to that island.
  • Hayward, Robert N., ?-1861 (3) - Naval surgeon from 1836. Served on HMS "Malabar" in the Mediterranean 1841-44 and on HMS "Locust" in the same area 1844-46. Met Livingstone while studying medicine in London. Became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1842.
  • Henner[?], Mary (1)
  • Her Majesty's Britannic Forces, Gunroom Officers (1)
  • Her Majesty's Ship, Commander (5)
  • Herschel, John F.W., 1792-1871 (1) - Prominent mathematician and astronomer. Son of astronomer William Herschel. Helped create the (Royal) Astronomical Society and elected president 1827, 1839, and 1847. Worked with Thomas Maclear at Britain's Royal Observatory at the Cape 1834-38.
  • Hill, Hamilton (2) - Treasurer of Oberlin College, 1841-1865.
  • Hill, Stephen J., 1809-1891 (1) - Captain, R.A., 1842. Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gold Coast 1851-54. Governor, Sierra Leone 1854-59, 1860-62. Governor-in-Chief, Leeward and Caribee Island 1863-69.
  • Hononorable Secretaries of the Oxford and Cambridge Mission (2)
  • Hooker, Joseph D., 1817-1911 (9) - M.D. (Glasgow, 1839) and botanist. Assistant to his father at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew 1855-65, and Director 1865-85.
  • Hooker, William J., 1785-1865 (7) - Professor of Botany at the University of Glasgow 1820-41. Directed the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew 1841-65.
  • Hope, William (1) - Businessman of Liverpool.
  • Horsfall, Thomas B., 1805-1878 (1) - Merchant in Liverpool. Mayor of Liverpool 1847-48. President of the Chamber of Commerce 1849. M.P. for Derby 1852-53, for Liverpool 1853-68.
  • Hoskins, Anthony H., 1828-1901 (1) - Lieutenant, R.N., 1849. Served on HMS "Castor" in East Africa. Explored the Zambezi delta in conjunction with Captain Hyde Parker and HMS "Pantaloon" in the early 1850s. Met Livingstone at Sao Paulo de Luanda while serving with HMS "Philomel" in 1854.
  • Houlton, Joseph (1) - Surgeon in London.
  • Howard, Henry F., 1809-1898 (1) - Career diplomat. Was British Envoy in Lisbon 1855-59. His efforts to arrange for Livingstone to visit Lisbon in 1857-58 failed.
  • Howard, [?] (1)