Livingstone Online Site Guide

This section provides a skeletal outline of the entire Livingstone Online site. The section enumerates all the main sections and subsections of the site and provides links to all core site data, documentation, and outreach materials.

I) Main Sections and Subsections
          1) Home Page
          2) About This Site
          3) In His Own Words
          4) Spectral Imaging
          5) Life and Times
          6) Behind the Scenes
          7) Resources
II) Core Site Data
III) LEAP Documentation
          1) LEAP Documentation: Area Specific Subsets
          2) LEAP Documentation: Highlights
IV) Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project Files
          1) Livingstone's 1870 Field Diary
                i. Miscellaneous Files for Download
                ii. Animated Spectral Images (ASIs) for Download
                iii. Project Documentation
V) Outreach Materials
          1) Outreach Materials: Individual Worksheets

I) Main Sections and Subsections    Top

The home page and six main sections of the site, each of which contains a series of subsections.

1) Home Page    Top

A gateway to the site as a whole.

Home page

2) About the Site    Top

An introduction to the Livingstone Online project and David Livingstone's manuscripts.

About This Site Home

About This Site: Overview

Livingstone Online: An Introduction

Livingstone's Manuscripts in the Digital Age

The Theory Behind Livingstone Online

The Design of Livingstone Online

Why Should We Read Livingstone’s Manuscripts?

A Brief History of Livingstone Online (2004-2013)

Livingstone Online Site Guide

Who is Livingstone Online's Audience?

What is LEAP (2013-2017)?

LEAP (2013-2017): A Project History, Part I

LEAP (2013-2017): A Project History, Part II

3) In His Own Words    Top

A range of options for accessing, browsing, and searching the Livingstone Online digital collection.

In His Own Words Home

In His Own Words: Overview

The Livingstone Online Digital Collection

Browse by Digital Catalogue Record

Browse by Addressee

Browse by Repository

Browse by Timeline

4) Spectral Imaging    Top

Critical editions of Livingstone manuscripts produced by the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project.

Spectral Imaging Home

Spectral Imaging: Overview

The Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project: An Introduction

Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary (external link)

Livingstone's Letter from Bambarre

Introduction to the Edition

Edition Guide

The Project Team


Background of the Edition

Images & Transcriptions of the Letter from Bambarre

Livingstone's Letter with Annotations

Note on the Text of the Letter

An Introduction to Spectral Imaging

Conservation and Transport

Imaging the Letter from Bambarre

Spectral Image Processing

Data Management

Livingstone's 1870 Field Diary and Select 1870-71 Manuscripts

Introduction to the Edition

Edition Guide

The Project Team


Images & Transcriptions of the 1870 Field Diary

Images & Transcriptions of Select 1870-1871 Texts

Three Versions of the 1870 Field Diary

Creating the 1870 Field Diary

Structuring the 1870 Field Diary

The Diary across Hands, Space, and Time (1)

The Diary across Hands, Space, and Time (2)

The Diary across Hands, Space, and Time (3)

History & Chronology of the 1870 Field Diary

Livingstone's Composition Practices

Livingstone's Global Sources

Prototyping Animated Spectral Images (ASIs)

Manuscript Citation and File Naming Practices

Project History

Project Documentation

The Livingstone Spectral Image Collection

Glossary of Key Terms in Livingstone's Manuscripts, 1870-71

An Integrated Project Bibliography

Notes on Processed Spectral Images

5) Life and Times    Top

Essays that place David Livingstone within his cultural, historical, and scientific contexts.

Life and Times Home

Life and Times: Overview

Livingstone's Life & Expeditions

Livingstone's Posthumous Reputation

Publishing Livingstone's Missionary Travels

Southern Africans and the Advent of Colonialism

18th- and 19th- Century European Expeditions

Livingstone's Medical Education

Victorian Medicine

Fever in the Tropics

6) Behind the Scenes    Top

A journey into the inner workings of the Livingstone Online project.

Behind the Scenes Home

Behind the Scenes: Overview

The Livingstone Online Staff

Project Teams

Practices, Standards, and Arrangements

The Livingstone Online Code

Collaborating Institutions


Credits and Permissions

Illustrative Image Credits

7) Resources    Top

Materials for further study of Livingstone, his manuscripts, and his history.

Resources Home

Resources: Overview

David Livingstone: A Bibliography

Livingstone Online Project Documents

Livingstone Online TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines (external link)

Livingstone Online Outreach Program

Livingstone Online Outreach Worksheets

II) Core Site Data    Top

Images, transcriptions, and metadata related to the manuscripts of Livingstone and others.

Archival Packets (via the Browse by Digital Catalogue page)

Complete MODS records

Complete TEI transcriptions

Complete PDF transcriptions

Complete Transcription Materials

Github Repo (external link)

III) LEAP Documentation    Top

A curated collection of files produced by the Livingstone Online Enrichment and Access Project (LEAP)

Entire LEAP Document Collection

1) LEAP Documentation: Area Specific Subsets    Top

Files from the Livingstone Online Enrichment and Access Project (LEAP) organized by area of activity

NEH Grant Application

Project Launch

Planning and LA Kickoff

UK Kickoff

Digitization at the University of Glasgow

Legacy Data Development

Legacy Data Conversion Scripts

MODS Development

TEI Transcription Conversion

TEI Transcription Encoding

Documenting the Core Digital Collection

The New Livingstone Online - Site Development at UNL

The New Livingstone Online - Site Mockups

Critical Materials and Permissions

Dissemination - Scholars, Stakeholders, Social Media

Dissemination - Outreach for Schools

The New Livingstone Online - Site Development at UCLA

The New Livingstone Online - Site Development: XSLT

Archival Image Download Documentation

Bonus: Livingstone Online 2004-2010 Project Documents

2) LEAP Documentation: Highlights    Top

A selection of key project files from the Livingstone Online Enrichment and Access Project (LEAP)

Complete Documentation Highlights

Revised NEH Grant Narrative

Items for Digitization

LEAP Project Plans, October 2013 to March 2015

Legacy Data Documentation

MODS Files

TEI Conversion and Encoding

Website Mockups and Documentation

Report on Fall 2014 UK Collaborator Meetings

Outreach Program Final Report

Livingstone Online Archival Packet READ_THIS_FILE

IV) Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project Files    Top

Downloadable files produced by the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project

1) Livingstone's 1870 Field Diary: A Multispectral Critical Edition   Top

i) Miscellaneous Files for Download    Top

Livingstone's Last Journals (1874), volume II (25.1 MB)

Livingstone's Last Journals (1874), volume II, corrected proofs (21 MB)

Structure of the 1870 Field Diary & 1870-71 Manuscripts (66 KB)

Dates for the 1870 Field Diary (47 KB)

Livingstone's Undertexts (50.7 MB)

Annotations of The Bible: Its Form and Substance (72 KB)


ii) Animated Spectral Images (ASIs) for Download    Top

Presentations and Animations

Complete Prototype ASIs (685.9 MB)

Sample Prototype ASIs

  1. Changes in the visual character of ink (59.1 MB)
  2. Reinking with an alternate ink (68.1 MB)
  3. Folds (41.6 MB)
  4. Impressions (41.8 MB)
  5. Holes (33.1 MB)
  6. Page discolor (46.5 MB)
  7. The big stain (58.8 MB)
  8. Red stains (40.2 MB)

Page-specific Prototype ASIs


iii) Project Documentation    Top

Complete Project Documentation (1.21 GB)

Area-specific Subsets of Project Documentation

  1. NEH Grant Application (1.3 MB)
  2. Planning notes and documents (128 KB)
  3. Spectral image processing notes (PCA and ICA) (988 KB)
  4. Spectral image processing notes (pseudocolor and animation) (206.7 MB)
  5. Manuscript and image notes (25.9 MB)
  6. Meeting and other notes (529 KB)
  7. Critical essay and supporting materials notes (691 KB)
  8. Animated Spectral Image (ASI) testing (538.6 MB)
  9. Image integration and metadata-addition files (5.4 MB)
  10. Dissemination (331.2 MB)
  11. Spectral image archival packet supporting files (3 MB)
  12. Beta launch of critical edition (93.8 MB)

V) Outreach Materials    Top

Worksheets designed to bring Livingstone and the Livingstone Online project into the classroom

Complete Outreach Worksheets

Outreach Program Summary

Who was David Livingstone? Information Sheet

1) Outreach Materials: Individual Worksheets    Top

The individual worksheets produced by Livingstone Online's outreach program

David Livingstone: Mill Boy

David Livingstone: Doctor

David Livingstone: Crossing Cultures

David Livingstone: African Animals

David Livingstone: Global Citizen

David Livingstone: Reading His Words

David Livingstone: Missionary

David Livingstone: Geographer

David Livingstone: Victorian

David Livingstone and America

David Livingstone: Abolitionist

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