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Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary

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This page provides a skeletal outline of the entire multispectral critical edition of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary. It enumerates all the main sections of the edition and provides links to all embedded files and documentation. In general, the editor has derived the short descriptions here from the corresponding overview sections of individual pages.

Prefatory Materials    Top

Introduction to the Edition - introduces Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary; discusses the diary's significance; overviews the work of the first phase Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project (2010-13); and provides a brief review of the key features of the present critical edition.

Edition Guide - the current page.

Project Team - introduces the project team that developed the critical edition of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary in 2010-13.

Acknowledgments - cites the individuals who made a special contribution to supporting our work in developing the multispectral critical edition of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary in 2010-13.


Spectral Images and Texts    Top

Images & Transcriptions of the 1871 Field Diary - Enables users to examine natural light and processed spectral images of individual pages of the 1871 Field Diary alongside transcriptions. The embedded viewer allows users to view, rotate, otherwise manipulate, and download all images of each page of the diary.

Three Versions of the 1871 Field Diary - allows users to engage in comparative study of three versions of the 1871 Field Diary: the original 1871 Field Diary, the revised version in the Unyanyembe Journal (1866-72), and the posthumously edited and published version in the Last Journals (1874).

The Third Massacre Narrative - presents the narrative version of the Nyangwe massacre that Livingstone included in a letter to Earl Granville (1872d) and copied into the Unyanyembe Journal (1866-72).

Livingstone Spectral Image Collection - preserves all the pages of Livingstone’s 1870 and 1871 Field Diaries as high-resolution images with full metadata and TEI-based transcriptions; allows direct access to all the primary Livingstone data on which this critical edition is based.


Critical Essays    Top

Livingstone in 1871 - offers an overview of Livingstone’s final travels and objectives, including the historical circumstances in which he composed the 1871 Field Diary; presents a short history of the village of Nyangwe, describes the main part of Livingstone's sojourn in the village, and sets out the key circumstances surrounding the massacre that Livingstone witnessed in Nyangwe on 15 July 1871; examines some of the most important differences in the representations of the massacre in the 1871 Field Diary, the Unyanyembe Journal (1866-72), and Livingstone's Last Journals (1874).

The Manuscript of the 1871 Field Diary - provides an overview of the strategies Livingstone employed in composing the 1871 Field Diary and the long-term consequences of those strategies; also defines the scope of the present edition and develops a history of the 1871 Field Diary manuscript from the nineteenth century to the present.

Livingstone’s Composition Methods - discusses Livingstone’s methods for composing the main portion of the 1871 Field Diary (Livingstone 1871f), examines the impact of the Nyangwe massacre on these practices, and closes with a look at the composition methods Livingstone used for the additional pages of the diary.

Livingstone's Manuscript Structure - analysis of the structure of the 1871 Field Diary, including Livingstone’s numbering system, the distinction between journal entries and notes, Livingstone’s orthography, and a handful of additional elements (sketches, maps, calculations, extraneous foreign text, and flourishes to correct ink flow).

The Date of the Livingstone-Stanley Meeting - explores the challenges of dating the famous meeting between Livingstone and Stanley; considers previous critical interpretations; evaluates the additional evidence available from the 1871 Field Diary; outlines the difficulties in reconciling the written accounts of Livingstone and Stanley; summarizes the findings and limits of the present analysis.

Note on the Three Versions of the Text - describes the relationship among the four different texts that document Livingstone's experiences in 1871: the 1871 Field Diary, the Unyanyembe Journal (1866-72), the Last Journals (1874), and the letter to Earl Granville (1872d); also explores the unique features of the 1871 Field Diary and considers how comparison of the diary to the Unyanyembe Journal and Granville letter provides a fascinating glimpse into the ways that Livingstone hoped to rewrite problematic incidents from this period in his life for public consumption.


Supporting Materials    Top

Glossary of Key Terms in Livingstone's Manuscripts, 1870-71 - offers a glossary of the people, groups, places, and geographical features cited in the Livingstone manuscripts (1870-71) imaged by the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project; serves as an integrated reference that that complements the edition's annotated transcriptions of these same manuscripts.

Manuscript Citation and File Naming Practices - outlines the standardized system adopted for, first, citing specific manuscript pages and spectral images and, second, naming corresponding spectral image files.

An Integrated Bibliography - presents a comprehensive, integrated bibliography of the primary texts and literary, historical, cultural, and scientific sources that serve as the basis of the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project.


Image Processing Information    Top

Overview of Processing Objectives - outlines the primary and secondary objectives that informed the spectral image processing of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary.

Notes on Processed Spectral Images - introduces, enumerates, and briefly defines the processed spectral image types, GIF animations, and PowerPoint presentations produced by the two phases of the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project (2010-13, 2013-17).


Additional Pages    Top

The 1871 Field Diary Facsimile - discusses the facsimile of the page of the 1871 Field Diary that appears in Livingstone's Last Journals (1874).

1871 Field Diary Headers - enables comparative analysis of the headers from the two copy books that constitute the main portion of the 1871 Field Diary (Livingstone 1871f).

Terminology and Acronyms - explains the reference system used to indicate individual leaves, folia, and pages of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary; defines the key institutional acronyms employed in this edition.

TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines - presents the original TEI P5 encoding guidelines used by the first phase of the Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project (2010-13) to transcribe the 1871 Field Diary.


Project History and Documentation    Top

Project History (1) and Project History (2) - two-part essay that sets out the history of our work to develop a multispectral critical edition of Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary; provides an overview of all significant phases of project endeavor and for each phase describes all key project activities.

Project Documentation - provides download access to some 70 project documents or document sets produced during the course of primary research activities (2010-13) for our critical edition of Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary; offers the documents as a single comprehensive collection and grouped by area of project endeavor; also offers the entire Livingstone Spectral Image Archive (except for archival images and MD5 checksum files) as a single ZIP file.


Images for Download    Top

The following is a list of high-resolution images available for download in the current critical edition. These images are not part of the Livingstone Spectral Image Collection.

Facsimile of a Portion of Dr. Livingstone's Journal from the Last Journals (Livingstone 1874), vol. 2.

A Map of a Portion of Central Africa from the Last Journals (Livingstone 1874).

A Map of the Forest Plateau of Africa from the Last Journals (Livingstone 1874).

The Standard (London) - 24 November 1869 issue, clean copy of the entire newspaper without Livingstone's writing.

The Standard Reconstructed - front page of the 24 November 1869 issue of The Standard reconstructed from the folia of the 1871 Field Diary and showing Livingstone's overtext.


Ink Spectra PowerPoint Files    Top

Imaging scientist Roger L. Easton, Jr. has produced a series of PowerPoint files exclusively for the present critical edition. The files track the ink spectra in a selection of the DLC and NLS folia of the 1871 Field Diary.


Project Documentation (Files)    Top

Our project documents, grouped below by area of project endeavor, collectively provide a comprehensive look into the production of the 1871 Field Diary critical edition and the Livingstone Spectral Image Collection. Users can also download a single ZIP file containing all curated project documents (346 MB).

  1. Locating the Manuscript (2.7 MB)
  2. Project Funding (131 KB)
  3. Conservation (24.9 MB)
  4. Project Planning (521 KB)
  5. Imaging Set-Up (640 KB)
  6. Imaging Schedule and Objectives (2.4 MB)
  7. Spectral Image Processing (289 KB)
  8. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) (154 MB)
  9. Spectral Ratio and Pseudocolor Rendering (42 MB)
  10. Processing Results (2 MB)
  11. "Data Scrubbing" (79.6 MB)
  12. Creating the Data Archive (238 KB)
  13. Creating a Publication Template / XML Encoding (181 KB)
  14. The Electronic Edition (771 KB)
  15. Preliminary Data Analysis (69.5 KB)
  16. Dissemination, Results Release, and the "UK Tour" (35.5 MB)


Livingstone Spectral Image Archive (Files)    Top

The entire original Livingstone Spectral Image Archive (external link) from 2012 – except for archival images and MD5 checksum files – is now available for download as a single ZIP file (588 MB). The archive includes full documentation, all supporting files, and all the website files that constitute the Archive itself as well as the first editions of Livingstone's 1871 Field Diary (UCLA Digital Library, 2011-13) and Letter from Bambarre (UCLA Digital Library, 2010-11). The missing archival images and MD5 files are now available in enhanced versions through our spectral image collection.

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